Casual Profile
An entrepreneur. A software engineer. A teacher. I build for iOS and the web. Aspiring artificial intelligence engineer. I share my knowledge on software engineering and my experience building companies here and there. I’m obsessive about a few things. I love to code. I growth hack. I take delight in crafting solutions. I love chilling with friends. And I like walking dead. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, partly educated in Atlanta and San Francisco, worked in Singapore and now back in my home country.

I love meeting and collaborating with like minded people. So feel free to contact me!

I share my life’s experiences, thoughts, and work at

Professional Profile
Founded NEXT Academy to empower people to pursue careers in technology and marketing. His expertise and interest is in web development and artificial intelligence.

His vision is to see NEXT Academy play a pivotal role in growing Southeast Asia into a formidable technology hub in the world, where cutting edge research is conducted and highly innovative companies are built.

In addition, through the development of talent at NEXT Academy, he hopes to attract more tech companies from across the world to establish engineering offices in Southeast Asia and thus raising the average salaries of tech talent in the region.

Prior to NEXT Academy, Josh co-founded an enterprise customer support software company, primarily for banks, and was invested by the Singapore government.

Below are a snippet of my past hobby projects (a bit outdated)!

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