Efficient Query With Active Record (SQL)

I have here a basic shopping cart application that has products listed for sale. These products are sorted into categories. But each product can have many categories. We use a many-to-many association here. I have chosen to use has_and_belongs_to for this particular relationship. Products are also tagged. So similarly, each tag can have many products […]

2 Weeks with SimpleDB and a production launch

Biggest mistake of my life. SimpleDB is a great SIMPLE database. I, however, failed to consider 2 matters before I began using it. First. It is slow to update_attributes. Not literally, it’s just like every database. But what is different here is that whenever you make a POST request to make changes or save a […]

A day with SimpleDB

So, I have just launched my first production application with SimpleDB at I’ve mostly used Postgresql and MongoDB and I just wanted to share some of my experience. Similar to MongoDB, I love how easy and simple it is using SimpleDB. No schemas, migrations to worry about. But I find the ORM that comes […]

I almost always use Postgresql to start my projects

There are countless debates on SQL or no-SQL. From what I can tell, the real advantage I see in no-sql is writing speed. At least that is the main thing that no-sql advocates shout about. Of course, there are many types no-sql databases (couchDB, mongoDB) and many types of sql databases (mysql, postgresql, sqlite….) and […]

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