Lean startup/customer development/hacker’s way

Running Lean is one of the best book that will maximize your chance of startup success through lean startup methodology, in a practical step-by-step manner

There are many great books related to these subjects. Lean Startup, Customer Development…. These books written by experts and successful entrepreneurs themselves include The Lean Startup, The Startup Owner’s Manual Those are great books by people who succeeded themselves! The book ‘The lean startup’ will give you a good idea of what it is and will attempt […]

Flawed Beliefs that Many Entrepreneurs Have

More features = More customers <as opposed to> Right features = Most customers Startups are small versions of large companies with various departments <as opposed to> Startups are an integrated team of people doing customer development with various skill set for a common goal. Startups need comprehensive plans and projections <as opposed to> Startups are institutions or bodies […]

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