Startup Bible.

Startup Bible.

Entrepreneurs should try not to be trapped in an echo chamber or follow any ideology to religiously. But there at certain things that we can learn from others who have traveled the journey almost similar to ours. It will always be a struggle to be able to read and still be original and creative. Whether […]

Jack of all trades, master of none…

Disclaimer: This is an opinionated post. It wasn’t written to impose ideologies but to create awareness especially if you’re a teenager, young adult or a parent with kids still in school. I hardly regret anything in my 24 years of life. But if there was one thing that I could change, it would have to be taking the action […]

Resisting the urge to work!

I’ve reached a whole new level and I’m pretty happy about it.. I’ve never really thought it was possible. Ever since young, I was one lazy brat. When I was in school, I would copy my friends homework solution, skip classes cause I wanted to sleep in and leave everything to the very last minute.

I love a certain company whose brand is a fruit!

Yeap. WWDC 2012 just passed hours ago. And I have to declare my love for Apple yet again. I try not to like anything because everyone else likes it. But Apple, I am not just in awe, instead, I have my outmost respect for. Their products are great but that’s not the reason why Apple […]

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