I love a certain company whose brand is a fruit!

Yeap. WWDC 2012 just passed hours ago. And I have to declare my love for Apple yet again.

I try not to like anything because everyone else likes it. But Apple, I am not just in awe, instead, I have my outmost respect for. Their products are great but that’s not the reason why Apple is a great institution (in my humble opinion). The thing I admire most is their level of dedication to the details they give to their products. It’s a rare culture in most profit-driven companies. I mean, which laptop company in the world would spend the time, talent and resource to re-engineer a CPU fan because it was making 20-30db? They do everything it takes to push the limits and open up a whole new realm of innovation just to benefit their users, even if it’s only a tad better.

Dunno what I’m talking about? Watch the video on http://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/#macbookpro (Don’t just admire the product, admire the dedication!) (this link was posted on July 13, 2012)

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