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Efficient Query With Active Record (SQL)

I have here a basic shopping cart application that has products listed for sale. These products are sorted into categories. But each product can have many categories. We use a many-to-many association here. I have chosen to use has_and_belongs_to for this particular relationship. Products are also tagged. So similarly, each tag can have many products […]

Jack of all trades, master of none…

Disclaimer: This is an opinionated post. It wasn’t written to impose ideologies but to create awareness especially if you’re a teenager, young adult or a parent with kids still in school. I hardly regret anything in my 24 years of life. But if there was one thing that I could change, it would have to be taking the action […]

2 Weeks with SimpleDB and a production launch

Biggest mistake of my life. SimpleDB is a great SIMPLE database. I, however, failed to consider 2 matters before I began using it. First. It is slow to update_attributes. Not literally, it’s just like every database. But what is different here is that whenever you make a POST request to make changes or save a […]

Resisting the urge to work!

I’ve reached a whole new level and I’m pretty happy about it.. I’ve never really thought it was possible. Ever since young, I was one lazy brat. When I was in school, I would copy my friends homework solution, skip classes cause I wanted to sleep in and leave everything to the very last minute.

A day with SimpleDB

So, I have just launched my first production application with SimpleDB at http://snappress.com. I’ve mostly used Postgresql and MongoDB and I just wanted to share some of my experience. Similar to MongoDB, I love how easy and simple it is using SimpleDB. No schemas, migrations to worry about. But I find the ORM that comes […]

I almost always use Postgresql to start my projects

There are countless debates on SQL or no-SQL. From what I can tell, the real advantage I see in no-sql is writing speed. At least that is the main thing that no-sql advocates shout about. Of course, there are many types no-sql databases (couchDB, mongoDB) and many types of sql databases (mysql, postgresql, sqlite….) and […]

Hate deploying to AWS?

So I’ve finally decided to take the leap and get my hands dirty with AWS. I’ve always been hesitant to do so because there was always an easier solution – heroku :). I mean why waste time doing something unnecessary when you can work on improving your app or do some marketing right? Well at the end […]

I love a certain company whose brand is a fruit!

Yeap. WWDC 2012 just passed hours ago. And I have to declare my love for Apple yet again. I try not to like anything because everyone else likes it. But Apple, I am not just in awe, instead, I have my outmost respect for. Their products are great but that’s not the reason why Apple […]

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