Relentless Execution without knowing what to execute is a crime…

True story.. Over the years of being an engineer, I’ve become more of an engineer.. what do I mean?

Well, I find myself having ideas every now and then. It feels like a spark, a great moment of brilliance. “I’ve got this darn awesome idea that I think will solve lots of problem and will be wanted by millions..”

How delusional?

I’ve built products after products, completed projects after projects, all meant to be great startups. In reality, I’ve only wasted my time, energy.. I would have been just as well off being asleep or going out flying kites.. Actually I would be better off sleeping or going out to fly kites.. And frankly, I’m tired of this..

I want to be a successful entrepreneur. My next step is to step out of my shell and start talking to customers before even building things. I shall give Steve blank’s customer development model a try. Hopefully, I’ll come back and report the good news to you!

If you’re an engineer and u hv the same problem as I do, I really recommend reading Startup Manual by Steve and Bob..

If you’re a business guy, read this book too. You seriously don’t need a coder to get started with your startup. If I had a business guy come up to me and show me how far he has got with customer development, I’ll in a jiffy build what you ask me to..

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