Resisting the urge to work!

I’ve reached a whole new level and I’m pretty happy about it.. I’ve never really thought it was possible. Ever since young, I was one lazy brat. When I was in school, I would copy my friends homework solution, skip classes cause I wanted to sleep in and leave everything to the very last minute. I still did pretty well in school but probably not to the best potential I had. And that’s a good thing! Why? If I did well, I’ll probably have some desk job at some very big company making lots of money.. N hell, that’s not what I can do. I need to live wild and precariously, chasing my passion and doing my first love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that a desk job with lots of money is not good, I have a desk job too, just without any money. I’ve tons of childhood friends who are doing that right now. Actually 99%. I wish I had more of them on board with me on this journey. But oh well, it’s a tough life and I love them. ūüôā But in my¬†opinion, work is a big part of life (if not life itself), and people should really find what they are passionate about and do it well!

Now, I’m like the complete opposite. I love my work so much that I would try to get by without sleeping and even avoid the thought of going anywhere¬†unnecessarily. This is a stark contrast for me because for the 20 years of my life, sleeping was my number 1 most look forward activity in a day – nothing like a good night’s rest. I’ve even lost the urge to watch a movie a week or eat my meals without code in front of me…

When I first started my entrepreneurship journey, I’ve always asked myself, do I really have what it takes. Every advice I got from successful entrepreneurs were scary for me. Work hard everyday, don’t get paid and still risk not having money at the end of the day. But guess what, turns out, I’m a workaholic! Who knew??

What I’m doing then, is damaging my own health, shortening my own life and living in ‘poverty’. But I’m happy. And I will go on as long as I can. I am obsessed with my work. And I love entrepreneurship cause well, I get to do what I love and I’m hopeful that one day, I’ll be able to do great things, solve big problems and be an inspiration for the future generation – my future generation. Though I will try to at least get 7 hours of sleep and eat 3 meals a day cause right now, the ulcers I have in my mouth. Damn. It’s horribly painful and I hardly ever get them. Plus I’ve learned that our brain’s hippocampus (in charge of remembering what you’ve learned) shrinks with¬†insufficient¬†sleep. I sure don’t want to be a dumb fool!

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