SO easy to get free hosting with Heroku without your dyno spinning down!

Now that New Relic is a happy camper with Heroku, it’s super easy to keep your website running free on 1 dyno without it spinning down causing a long start-up time!

How to do it?

1. Setup a pings controller with any action name you want (and modify your config/routes to ‘get’ this action)

2. Setup a blank view for that controller action and render layout: false!

3. Go to heroku’s documentation for New Relic, get it added to your application.

4. Go to New Relic control panel within Heroku, look for active monitoring and input the URL for the action you created for Pings controller.

5. Ta da! Your website never dies again. Plus New Relic kinda rocks! If you’re geeky like me, those chart and numbers makes me feel sophisticated and cool. Makes me think I’m badass.. šŸ™‚

Sorry I didn’tĀ delveĀ into the code. You should be able to get a heck lot of resources on this through google. If you need help just comment below!

* I secretly wish that they had mySQL too. So my wordpress install can go there for free with reasonably fast hosting.. (note: it’s possible to use Heroku + Amazon RDS for your wordpress install.)

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